Internet of Things in the Agriculture Business?


There are growing numbers of articles, blog posts about the use cases of the emerging Internet of Things technologies. Paul Rako from Atmel Corporation illustrated The Internet of things (IoT) by using farmers and food production as an example.The article was published by GigaOm.

“Bob Dible is an electrical engineer that works on his family farm in Kansas. He describes the productivity strides made in agriculture. “We generate GPS (global positioning system) yield maps using data from the combine as it harvests. That helps us determine what nutrients are needed the next season at various parts of our four-square-mile farm.”

Dible then programs those different nutrient mixes and locations onto the crop sprayer aircraft. As the crop sprayer flies over the field, it dynamically changes the mix of fertilizer based on its location.

The $900,000 Air Tractor model 802 has 1300hp and a payload of 9,249 lbs. In 2013 the plane can change its fertilizer mix every dozen meters. Dible, as an engineer, knows what is coming. “One day we will monitor and grow the corn on a stalk-by-stalk basis. When we plant crops, GPS with RTK (Real Time Kinematics) gives us 1-inch accuracy.” It’s not hard to see Dible’s vision even now. With today’s technology, a small autonomous robot could drive down the rows of corn.”

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2 thoughts on “Internet of Things in the Agriculture Business?

  1. I totally agree to this article related to the innovative way of promoting agricultural concerns. We all know how the internet influence a lot of people through article, blogs and lots of discussion, but its really evident how this way of idea helped us with our concerns.

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